Cathy Sitek has 35 years of experience in manufacturing and standing having previously owned and operated United Gage where she manufactured complex gages for manufacturing. In 2004, Cathy opened United Manufacturing Network which specializes in precision grinding of tooling, fixtures, gages and parts for manufacturing in nearly every sector of manufacturing. Precision grinding craftspeople support automated manufacturing by bringing the products into the final tolerances and surface finishes required by the OEM. Jerry Sitek has over 35 years of experience in industrial mechanical construction, standing and sitting having served apprenticeship in the Plumbers Local 98 and serving the final twenty years in the industry in management and estimation. In 2012, Jerry joined United Manufacturing Network and coordinated the expansion of UMN to a complete precision grinding service in its current Warren Michigan facility.

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Human Balance and Stability Systems (HBS Systems) was formed in 2016 by Cathy and Jerry Sitek, a husband and wife who also own and operate United Manufacturing Network. ​This patent pending technology was born out of necessity to address their own chronic pain from standing at machines to perform tasks. The StandRite-Pro product line was developed to support standing by providing a point of contact at the shins for balance and stability. When using the StandRite-Pro as needed, individuals can significantly control postural sway to relieve fascia tension and inflammation, naturally.

The StandRite-Pro provides a positive shin angle allowing for proper hip hinge movement which reduces the lower back strain often seen in movements with "locked knees".  Standing with a "locked knee stance" also reduces proper circulation and the effects these symptoms have on overall health are even more concerning. When standing, the body expends considerable energy to control postural sway resulting in fatigue, pain and has a significant effect on cognitive thinking. Dynamic movement in the workspace involves standing and the StandRite -Pro  delivers. With no impediment to ingress or egress, users find relief when they need it and can move away as frequently as needed to engage in dynamic movement. The health risks of standing can become chronic and debilitating as we often see in those who have stood and performed tasks throughout their careers. If you think new talent hasn't noticed the debilitating effects of a career standing, think again. Attracting new talent is as easy as providing a healthy environment and retirement. 

Today, there is a concerted effort on the part of researchers, employers, the healthcare community and commercial furniture manufacturers to provide ergonomic solutions while attaining the benefits of standing. Extensive research continues to confirm earlier findings that standing improves health factors such as circulation, heart rate, cardio metabolic factors such as HDL cholesterol and even the mood of the individual. However, the success in getting people on their feet has resulted in the same chronic health issues experienced by those individuals who already stand entire shifts to perform tasks.

Research performed as far back as the 1930’s points to the interaction of the body’s fascia on overall health but remarkably, fascia research was largely brushed aside for advancements in pharmaceuticals, surgery and other solutions to the "symptoms" of chronic body pain. The fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. Fascia research contends that excessive tension in the fascia layer prevents responsiveness between the nervous system and body which affects the body’s overall function and wellbeing and further research is linking increased inflammation to fascia tension.

The StandRite-Pro is a solution for tension, fatigue, and overall health for those who stand by controlling postural sway. We offer and develop products that improve health, safety and productivity by providing balance and stability to assist in Sustaining Human Energy ​TM.