The StandRite-ProTM ModelHBS1000 is based on patent pending technology developed by toolmakers to significantly reduce lower back pain and fatigue from standing.  The HBS1000 and HBS1000(SH) are affordable, durably made from powder coated carbon steel, has a “safety yellow” finish for high visibility, it’s easy to install and use, and the detent pins and star knobs provide simple adjustment. 
Our model HBS1000 and HBS1000(SH) anchors to the floor with (2) 3/8” wedge anchors and is located in the unused and untraveled space between the user’s shins and the machine. The HBS1000 is adjustable horizontally to accommodate different worker’s range from the task. The HBS1000(SH) is fixed at the shortest possible range for applications requiring close proximity. The height is adjustable on both models to insure contact with the shins and NOT the knees. The pad is suspended adequately from the floor to provide clearance between the floor and pad which allows for unimpeded movement to and away from the task. The result is positive shin angle and proper hip hinge movement for a balance point at the lower legs to take the strain out of the lower back, legs, feet and even the neck. The result is improved PQRS! 

Companies spend considerable money on machines that produce faster and higher quality results but by spending a minimal amount on the operator, we can improve productivity and quality. Companies also spend serious money on health care, lost time due to unscheduled breaks, fatigue, loss of focus and even injuries. By placing a StandRite-ProTM  at each work station, we are reducing all of those substantially. When users are not focused on relief of discomfort and fatigue, their cognitive thinking is focused on the task. This results in more accurate movements, safer working conditions and more energy to perform the tasks. This truly is a win-win for employers and employees.


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HBS1000 & HBS1000(SH)

Industrial Use