HBS1001 - Commercial / Office Use

The StandRite-Pro​TM ​Model HBS 1001 is based on patent pending technology developed to significantly reduce lower back pain and fatigue from standing.  The HBS1001 is affordable, durably made from powder coated carbon steel and it’s easy to install and use. Our innovation will fit under any height adjustable desk to provide support whenever the user is standing.

Our model HBS1001 simply slides under the desk and when the user stands on the 24 x 24 plate, contact with the shins is offset by the base. Every HBS1001 comes complete with a state of the art ergonomic mat adhered to the base as an added measure of comfort. The support is adjustable horizontally to accommodate different worker’s range from the desk. The height is adjustable for the height of the worker as this product targets the shins and NOT the knees. The shin pad is suspended adequately from the floor to provide clearance between the floor and pad which allows for unimpeded dynamic movement to, away and during the task. The result is a balance point for the lower legs to provide positive shin angle and proper hip hinge movement which takes the strain out of the lower back, legs, feet and even the neck. Extended use results in long term benefits to the body’s fascia and sustains its elasticity. Less tension in the body means more energy. 

Companies spend considerable money on ergonomics in the office to improve health, productivity and even the mood of the employee. Companies also spend serious money on health care, lost time due to unscheduled breaks, fatigue and loss of focus. By placing an HBS1001 at the work station, we are reducing all of those substantially. When users are not focused on relief of discomfort and fatigue, their cognitive thinking is focused on the task. This results in more accuracy, higher production, healthier employees and more energy to perform. This truly is a win-win for employers and employees.


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